Aval Horror Movie,Review by Mr.Sankaranarayan


Aval - MOvie Review By Sankaranarayan

After a long gap, a decent horror movie in Tamil. It breaks the trend of comedy horror genre which was popular in the recent days.
The visuals are quite impressive. Shot in Himalayas, the backdrop sets the tone for this horror movie. Cinematographer Shreyas takes us there to the location in every shot. The upside down shot starting from the key hole till the hall was mind blowing. Music is by Girish. After Marina, this movie should give him the much awaited break he needed. Rerecording is something that brings the scare element when you watch this genre movies. In some scenes like Ilayaraja, Girish also tries to use silence as an element to scare us. Pat on the back to editor Lawrence too. Except for the first few scenes, the movie was engaging throughout.
This movie also tries to travel in both the paths Science and belief of God. Director Milind Rau has succeded in this travel and makes us believe in Ghost and there starts the real climax. The initial romance was little too much but sets the pace. (May be such scenes were tried because it was trilingual).
Kudos to the star cast which did the best. Siddharth, Andrea, Atul Kulkarni, Suresh, Anisha have delivered to the dot. Worth the watch if you like horror movies and watch it in theatre to enjoy the technical excellence.
This Chinese Pei (ghost) may last longer than the other Chinese products.