BAASHHA (Digitally upgraded) impressed the ‘Superstar’ Rajnikanth


BAASHHA (Digitally upgraded) impressed the ‘Superstar’ Rajnikanth

Sathya Movies, one of the most renowned and prestigious Production
houses in Tamil Film Industry has now completed their successful 50th
Anniversary. The completion of their Golden Jubilee is celebrated
widely with the Audience by the release of digitally remastered
version of the evergreen classic cult BAASHHA. This tremendous
initiative has been taken by Thangaraj (Son of RM Veerappan),who has
met Superstar Rajnikanth recently with the upgraded BAASHHA trailer.
The excellent 5.1 sound works of Lakshmi Narayanan and the innovative
post production lab works acts as a major backbone for the remastered

“Thalaivar has seen the trailer and he liked it. He asked whether RM
Veerappan sir was behind this idea and I answered him that it was
me…..We have explained Rajni sir about what was done technically, and
he was extremely delighted by the way Deva sir has rescored for the
entire film.  Rajni sir has narrated us about RM Veerappan sir’s
strength in modifying BAASHHA, and he also explained how RM Veerappan
sir has geniusly  handled a mass hero and making the movie

He offered insights on how to ensure that people enjoy the movie and
share the new experience with others so that the message goes out.
Thalaivar has inquired about the release schedule and was informed
about the red carpet premier event, charity show in London and fans
visit from Japan. He was very supportive of the efforts and gave his
blessings for the success of the films theater release….” states one
of the Producers Mr.Thangaraj of Sathya Movies, who is overseeing the
digitization efforts.