Bogan Movie review By SankaraNarayanan.S


Bogan Movie review By SankaraNarayanan.S

Bogan – Go have fun..

Director Laskhman has choosen the script and screenplay that suits the duo Jayam Ravi and ArvindSwamy very well. You may call it as influence of Face off but the execution is very much indigenous and keeps us engaged till the end..

JR and AS has continued from where they left in the previous encounter and has done a splendid delivery. JR acting has improved well and shows the perfect variation between the two characters with different souls in his body..

Hansika as heroine has limited scope but failed to impress in that portion too, except for few romantic scenes and climax. Naren, Ponvannan and Naser have done their part well and ensures the movie is not off beat anywhere.

Imman’s BGM is impressive and keeps on toes in certain scenes. Songs are big let down when compared to his past work.

Kudos to the Cinematographer and art director for choosing lovely colours and pleasant back ground (the sets reminds us Devi movie but that’s fine with us)..

But for the Climax, it is entertaining throughout, Editor could’ve chopped off some scenes and timed the climax well…..
Worth watching one time for AS and JR..