Chennai 28 II Innings :- First South Indian Film to Frame you on Facebook


Chennai 28 II Innings :- First South Indian Film to Frame you on Facebook

When you think Facebook, you think likes, shares and comments. What if
Facebook became synonymous with driving audiences to the theaters? The
pulse of social media has made it mandatory  for every brand and
product to own the digital space and that’s precisely what Chennai 28
II Innings has achieved in just one week.

Chennai 600028 was a cult movie based on India’s most favorite sport -
Cricket, which took the cine landscape by storm.  Also, it is the
first franchise to make the sequel to the original story. The
highlight of Chennai 28II Innings is that it takes advantage of
engaging their fans and meeting their high expectations even before
the release of the movie.

Chennai 28 II Innings has become the first South Indian movie to let
fans get their DPs framed on Facebook by associating with Trendloud, a
digital media company that believes in collaborating with platforms
instead of using them as a vehicle. The campaign began last week of
November and so far, social media numbers suggest that 16 Million
people have been reached;  60,000 people have framed their DP in
support of the movie  and the movie official page likes have increased
to 5 lacs. Director and producer Mr.Venkat Prabhu , Composer Mr.Yuvan
Shan and the cast are also engaging in a LIVE Meet & Greet with fans
at Facebook HQ, Hyderabad on December 1st, 4 pm .

Venkat Prabhu says that “Social media decides whether the movie is a
hit or a miss. We want to connect with the audience personally from
the beginning. Thanks to Trendloud who came out with their out-of-
-the- box thinking and made it happen in the most craziest way.

Mr. Chidambaram, the CEO of TrendLoud shares “What usually takes a 45
day arc in social media has been accomplished in a week and this has
been possible because of having Facebook as a partner rather than just
a promotional tool. And also, the cast and crew of the movie are
extremely active on social media and savvy at using its many

Elaborating on this, we come to understand that instead of investing
money on unscrupulous or inorganic means, one can get associated with
digital marketing companies like TrendLoud who can take promotions to
the next level.