Mersal Review By Shankara Narayan


When we taste something delicious (masala or anything similar) at some restaurants, we used to think this dish is like my mom’s cooking, wife’s cooking, friend’s cooking.. Such is the feeling you get when you watch Mersal…
Complete masala stuff with reference to all major director’s and leading actor’s movies. The difference is Atlee’s Medley touch in such combos of old film scenes.
Vijay looks handsome in all the three roles and his presence is there in almost all scenes which makes the movie pleasant. SJ Surya is the new villian in making.. What a performance man? His voice modulation and style steals our attention inspite of having three Vijay’s. Noteworthy mention are Sathyaraj and Nithya Menon. Vadivelu, Kajal and Samantha are there too. Samantha does her job well in the few scenes she gets.
Photography is awesome Can’t believe it is debut for GK Vishnu. Very neat and appealing. Editing is good (Ruben) but could’ve trimmed further to avoid the feel of drag in the second half. Kids will surely enjoy the magic show scenes spread across.
Atlee shared his space in screen play and dialogue with KV Vijeyandara Prasad and Ramangiri Vasan (dialogues) but for story he has put his name alone. May be he couldn’t give credit to many writers and diectors who inspired him. Could’ve avoided some visuals of violent scenes which wasn’t needed at all..
I was told AR Rehman scored the music for this film (Yes as usual went late to the movie). Songs were okay. Background score was better than songs.
Having said all this, it was indeed an entertaining evening with a strong message about the medical system and the need for a revamp in medical system. Indeed a neat presentation and it is engaging throughout the 160+ minutes,
Naan Merusal aayitennn… Aala poraan Tamizhan…