S3 Movie review By SankaraNarayanan.S


S3 Movie review By SankaraNarayanan.S


Si3 – Noisy….. Lengthy….
Surya and Hari in the third sequel of Singam series changes the place of action to neighboring state this time (and some portions at Australia too). Crime happens at Vizag and our Duraisingam lays his hands to punish the corrupt and restore peace. Hari is good in his screenplay and dialgoues. Some were apt for the current situation and gets loud applause.
The speed, which was key factor in the part 1 is missing in this movie. also scenes trying to connect some characters with the original are inserted and it doesn’t sink well.
Surya, Sruthi, Anushka, Sharath Saxena, Thakoor Anoop Singh have done their part well.. Soori fails to impress in many portions. Imman annachi is better but lags depth too.. Radhika appears and disppears soon after giving the necessary knot for the story (was there a story?).. Sruthi acts well but totally a misfit and appears as speed breaker for the movie.
Surya carries the movie in his shoulders well with the acting and dialogue delivery that’s required for the role., Another two sequels he can sustain with this shouting and body built in.
Songs were awfully placed and not so impressive like the first two parts. BGM was too loud and it almost tears your ears…
We know we are watching the updated version of Singam by seeing the chase scenes. The SUV’s are replaced now with Containers and the plot of this movie is in Vizag and Australia. Otherwise you can predict what the next scene would be. Still you will enjoy watching Surya roaring in such scenes. Editorial team forgot to trim the second half a bit..
Watch it at leisure and go with cotton buds to save your ears.


  1. Good attempt to summarize all the key factors of the movie.. Could have mentioned about the usual fast forwarding trick played by the director to make us believe the movie has got a racy screenplay or whatever. Looking fwd to more tour reviews.